1. Building a Solid Spiritual Foundation
  2. God’s Plan of Redemption
  3. The Holy Spirit & The Gifts of The Spirit
  4. Listening to The Holy Spirit
  5. Bible Doctrine
  6. Principles For Developing Explosive Faith
  7. The 30 Names of God
  8. The Authority of The Believer
  9. Winning In Spiritual Warfare
  10. Angels, Demons & Deliverance
  11. The Five-fold Ministry Gifts & Fulfilling The Great Commission
  12. Christian Leadership
  13. The Old Testament Survey
  14. Healing The Sick & The Broken Hearted
  15. New Testament Survey
  16. From The Cross To The Throne
  17. How To Identify / Recognize False Prophets
  18. Contending for The Dream & Running with Your Vision
  19. How To Believe God For A Saved Spouse
  20. How To Affair-Proof Your Marriage
  21. Resolving Conflict Resolution
  22. Marketing Your Ministry & Global Evangelism
  23. Distinguishing Mental Health Issues From Demonic Activity In The Church
  24. Transforming Believers into Anointed Leaders
  25. Dynamics for Preaching, Broadcasting and Writing